• April 5, 2022

GHG Series (Part 5 of 5): Abatement of GHG Emissions in Gold Mining

Published on April 5th, 2022

Principal Geologist, Sam Ulrich presents Greenhouse Gas Series (Part 5 of 5): Abatement of GHG Emissions in Gold Mining.

This series of short presentations investigates greenhouse gas emissions in gold mining globally, inclusive of the GHG emissions data from 194 gold mines across 35 countries.


Sam Ulrich – Principal Geologist

Sam Urlich
Principal Consultant

Sam is a principal geologist with more than 20 years’ experience in the areas of exploration and resource development of gold, uranium and copper projects. He has several years’ experience as a consultant and possesses a strong knowledge in the areas of project evaluations, the undertaking of VALMIN compliant valuations and Independent Geological Reports for IPO’s. Sam has worked extensively in Archaean orogenic gold deposits, epithermal gold and silver deposits in Indonesia and North Queensland. He has travelled globally to undertake assignments in countries, such as China, Laos, Indonesia, Argentina and the Kyrgyz Republic. With an interest in mineral economics, Sam is currently undertaking his PhD at the Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET) at The University of Western Australia linking geology to gold mine economics in Australia and New Zealand, with a focus on orogenic gold deposits.

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