• November 5, 2019

CSA Global to present at the African Showcase and Technology Day

Published on November 5th, 2019

Meet Principal Consultant, Michael Cronwright at the African Exploration Showcase and Technology Day held by the Geological Society of South Africa between 14-15 November 2019 when he presents on: An overview of Lithium: Geology to Markets which aims to discuss the geology and the supply and demand aspects of commodities required for lithium-ion batteries.

This two-day event held at the Glenhove Conference Centre in South Africa will focus on the metals and minerals critical to the technology enabling commodities for a low carbon energy future.

It has been much talked about that commodities such as graphite or lithium are not accurate terms when defined as Critical Metals; the term Technology Commodities is becoming a much popular term and more importantly when the technology would not be deemed possible without the existence of the commodity itself.

The program will present a series of talks dealing with technology factors contributing to the demands for the enabling ‘green energy’ commodity and its value chain from power generation, to storage, followed by consumption.

The event will seek to:

  • provide insights into the present and future supply/demand balance and look at advanced commodity projects across Africa
  • showcase technologies for target generation and optimising mining techniques
  • demonstrate the use of cutting edge technology to address the challenges associated with maximising exploration and effective extraction of deposits
  • provide a broad overview of the specialists fields helping to apply data in the discovery and development of targets, including machine learning, remote sensing, geophysics, geochemistry, structural interpretation and mapping.

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Michael Cronwright
Michael Cronwright
Principal Consultant

Michael is a geologist possessing more than 20 years’ experience in exploration and geology throughout Africa and parts of the Middle East. He is a well-rounded exploration professional with significant commodity experience including lithium, tin, base metals, gold, coal and tungsten. He holds a broad view of the battery metals space, including an appreciation of its downstream components. Michael has gained significant experience across pegmatite hosted columbo-tantalite, tin and lithium mineralisation, and vein hosted mineralisation styles. He is a qualified Competent Person/Qualified Person across many international reporting codes. Michael has lectured in the Master of Science program at Rhodes University on the topic of exploration geochemistry and pegmatites and is a member of the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions, and a fellow of the Geological Society of South Africa.

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African Exploration Showcase and Technology Day

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