• January 8, 2019

Meet CSA Global at AME Roundup 2019 in Vancouver, Canada

Published on January 8th, 2019

CSA Global is looking forward to meeting you at the Association of Mineral Exploration (AME) Roundup between January 28-31, 2019 at the Vancouver Convention Centre West, Vancouver, Canada.

This year’s theme, “ Elements for Discovery” will combine the elements necessary for successful mineral exploration. The event connects explorers, suppliers, financiers, innovators, Indigenous Peoples and groups and is underpinned by a world-renowned technical geoscience program. The synergies cultivated at Roundup energize the BC exploration community to discover and deliver the elements needed to support our shared future.

2019 marks AME’s 36th consecutive conference and while new ideas continue to flow, we can’t forget our renowned foundational programming in our Core Shack, Technical Sessions, and Student Poster session. Leading up to the conference we will be providing a full slate of short courses that will include Carlin Gold Deposits, Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposits and the Fundamentals of Mineral Resource Estimation.


Stan Wholley

Stan Wholley
President Americas

Stan is a geologist and a manager with 25 years’ experience in exploration and mining geology. As President of the Americas, Stan is focused on ensuring that our network of staff and associates across the globe work collaboratively to achieve best outcomes for our clients. As a principal-level consultant, Stan provides high-level advice on a diverse range of topics from project management, valuations and geo-corporate strategy relating to ASX, TSX and LSE/AIM reporting and compliance.  He has strong experience in iron ore and base metal geology, together with demonstrated expertise in delivering high-quality outcomes from discovery through to resource development and training.

Dr Neal Reynolds, Director, CSA Global

Dr Neal Reynolds

Dr Reynolds is a geologist with almost 30 years’ experience in the mineral exploration industry from project generation to advanced project stage, encompassing targeting studies, project management, project due diligence, audit and optimisation, and expert reporting. Neal has worked on projects globally, with extensive experience in Asia, Africa, and Australia, and is particularly sought after for his specialist expertise in the metallogeny and mining industry in Southeast Asia. He has broad commodity experience and expertise in sediment-hosted and intrusive-related base metals and gold systems. He specialises in integrated mineral systems targeting at district to deposit scale, including the effective application of sedimentary geology, lithostratigraphy, structural geology, and alteration studies.

Maeve Murphy, CSA Global Principal Data Analyst/Operations Coordinator

Maeve Murphy
Principal Data Analyst/Operations Coordinator

Maeve Murphy is a Geoscientific Data Manager (GDM) with over 25 years’ experience in geological computing and is an accredited acQuire practitioner. Maeve has strong experience supporting customers and colleagues with post implementation services remotely or on site. She has worked on various systems in both mining and exploration in South Africa, Zambia, Poland and Canada (BC), and been involved at all stages of the mining cycle with the collection, management and reporting of detailed data. She has worked in a team in various mining and consulting companies, and has been strongly involved with training, mentoring, developing and coordinating innovative solutions.

Mathew Bodnar

Matthew Bodnar
Senior Consulting Geologist

Matt is a geologist with (9) years’ experience in industry coupled with recent completion of a Masters in geochemistry. He has demonstrated skills of integrated multi-disciplinary mineral exploration data analysis and targeting strategy with a specialization in exploration geochemical methods in covered terrain utilizing terrain mapping, quaternary geology and the principles of landscape geochemistry. Significant experience in the exploration for polymetallic magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE deposits within a multi-national mining house and continuing along the path to discovery with an interest in maximizing field programs through the integration of emerging analytical and geospatial technologies.

Adrian Martiez, CSA Global Senior Resource Geologist

Adrian Martinez Vargas
Senior Resource Geologist

Adrian has 16 years of experience as a consultant on resource estimation and technical reports, operational auditing, due diligence and technical risk analysis, mine geology, sampling and geological interpretation. He has worked with various commodities such as gold, copper, nickel, submarine sills, barite, clay and limestone deposits. Adrian has worked on Cuban projects in Moa Bay, Cementos Mariel, Oro Barita and Merceditas. He has the ability to identify the right techniques and parameters for resource estimation as well as potential issues of concern in each specific project. He mastered the application of multiple indicator kriging for resource estimation of gold deposits with high nugget and domaining issues. Additionally, he has experience with non-linear geostatistics and conditional simulations for resource estimation, model validation, risk analysis, drillhole spacing, among other applications.

Luke Longridge, CSA Global Senior Geologist

Luke Longridge
Senior Geologist

Luke is a structural and economic geologist with technical and project management experience in both exploration and mining. He has worked on development of exploration projects, district-scale structural geology problems, discovery of new mineral deposits, integrating multivariate datasets for district-scale exploration targeting, and improving efficiencies on active mines. Luke has advanced structural geology, GIS and 3D modelling abilities and experience in a wide range of commodities.

Antonio Celis, CSA Global Senior Geologist

Antonio Cellis
Senior Geologist

Antonio is an economic geologist with 8 years of experience in mineral exploration across the Americas (Northern Chile and Western Canada). Antonio’s technical skills include porphyry targeting using soil/till geochemistry and indicator minerals. He’s well-versed in using a combination of IoGas, ArcGIS and Leapfrog 3D modelling software packages. As the former co-founder of Kura Minerals, Antonio was responsible for generating a complete GIS mining library of Chile as well as writing dozens of project factsheets oriented to corporate mining executives.

Warren Potma - Principal Geologist - Gold

Warren Potma
Principal Geologist

Warren is a geologist with more than 20 years’ experience in exploration and mining geology, management and technical R&D. He specialises in structural geology, integrated mineral system analysis, 3D modelling, and technical mentoring. Warren has extensive exploration, mine production and technical projects experience, and a strong background in applied exploration technology R&D and mineral systems research he gained while with the CSIRO. He has a strong track record of discovery in Chilean magmatic hydrothermal mineral systems (IOCG, porphyry Cu/Au), Archaean orogenic gold and VHMS systems, and broad experience across the range of magmatic-hydrothermal mineral systems.

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