We provide integrated and cost-effective solutions on any type of project across most types of commodities anywhere in the world. Here are just some examples below. If you would like further details on our commodity experience, please browse our regions, view some of our projects or contact us.

Gold Ore


Our long history assisting clients with the exploration and development of gold projects has enabled us to work across major gold deposit styles globally. We have developed expertise in mesothermal orogenic gold systems in Western Australia, Africa, Asia, and Europe; Carlin-style sediment-hosted gold systems in North America, Asia and Australia; epithermal gold systems in Australia, PNG and Asia; IOCG systems in Australia and Africa.


Our specialists have successfully managed copper exploration and mining development throughout the world. Our exploration geologists have experience in the major styles of copper mineralisation and will help you to define the optimum methods for the extraction of copper. Our knowledge has helped many clients implement the correct and specific processing methods to take copper from ore to concentrate.

Copper wire
Nickel Ore


Our nickel consulting team has long been recognised as leaders in resource management and exploration for nickel laterite and sulphide deposits. Our specialists have played an active role in new deposit discovery and resource evaluation in the great majority of the world’s key nickel belts.

Industrial Minerals

With a wealth of experience within the industrial minerals industry; CSA Global provides clients with strategic, innovative, integrated, practical and cost efficient solutions; from exploration and evaluation, through mine design, materials handling and processing, operations management to marketing of final products.

Barite stockpiles at a railyard in South China


CSA Global offer expert services at all stages of the exploration and evaluation cycle relating to diamond deposits, both kimberlite and alluvial. From the identification and assessment of potential target areas to the delivery of a compliant mineral resource statement we can provide the solution for our client’s needs.

Iron Ore

Our geoscientists and engineers draw on the expert knowledge of the iron ore business. Much of our collective experience has been gained in the iron-rich deposits of the Pilbara region in Western Australia, including other regions throughout Australia and the rest of the world.

Iron ore conveyor belt
Open-cut uranium mine


As the world searches for cleaner energy sources the uranium sector has been reinvigorated with an explosion of high-quality projects worldwide. CSA Global has been active in many of the “hotspots” for several years. We draw on many years of expert level knowledge in uranium, initially gained during the boom of the 1970s and 80s, and built on through to the present.


We draw on a depth of experience and expert knowledge from geoscientists who possess experience in complex geological environments in Indonesia and Western Australia. Our team have been engaged in Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) projects in both Australia and Hungary.

Zinc ore


CSA Global has a world-class reputation in the discovery and development of lead and zinc deposits. We have global experience in the exploration and evaluation of zinc-lead systems in a variety of geological settings including sedimentary, volcanic and replacement style deposits.


CSA Global’s team of consultants has considerable experience in Platinum Group Elements exploration and development, ranging from regional targeting using early stage, multi-disciplinary data sets to resource estimation, mine planning and scheduling.

Raw platinum
Volcanic deposits

Rare Earths

CSA Global’s team comprise a balanced mix of experienced operational personnel and experts in the fields of QA/QC, geostatistics, resource modelling and mine project geology. CSA Global has more than 10 years’ experience in the rare earth, rare metal, heavy metal sands and uranium (all including the soft radioactive minerals).


CSA Global are experts in the assessment of agri-minerals including potash, phosphate, magnesite, gypsum, lime sand and peat. Our experience is global and covers all aspects of the mining cycle from target generation and exploration planning to resource evaluation, development and mining operations.

Young crops on a farm

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