• May 15, 2020

Common Problems Found in Underground Mine Plan Audits

Published on May 15th, 2020

Senior Mining Engineer, Tom Joseph provides a short audio presentation on cut-off grade calculation and cost estimation, two of the most common problems in mining.

He touches further on the importance of reviewing the cut off grades yearly whilst outlining some of the misunderstandings in cost estimates that can make a sub-optimal mine plan look feasible.

Join us in our latest audio presentation as we explore some of the common problems found in short to medium term plans and discuss how to look for problems that stop us from achieving maximum benefit.


Tom is a mining engineer with more than nine years’ experience in underground operations, ventilation, drill and blast, planning and scheduling across nickel, gold and copper. Tom holds First Class Mine Managers Ticket (WA) and has experience in supervision, operations and technical roles. He is a competent user of mining software, including Deswik, Surpac, Ringking Minesched, and Ventsim Visual, with considerable exposure to different mining methods such as open stoping, paste filled stopes, room and pillar methods, cut and fill methods, core and shell methods, sublevel caving, airleg stopes, multi-lift stopes, CRF filled stopes and Avoca.

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