• November 26, 2015

CSA Global Prize Awarded to UWA Student

Published on November 26th, 2015

CSA Global is proud to announce that the CSA Global Prize in Entrepreneurship Award, a category within the UWA Research and Excellence Innovation Awards, has been awarded to Ghulam Mubasahar Hassan, a PHD research student at the Civil & Resource Engineering and Computer Science & Software Engineering schools of the University of Western Australia.

Jeff Elliott, Managing Director CSA Global said: “We congratulate Ghulam on his award and look forward to assisting him with commercialising his project.”

“We are passionate about innovation in the mining industry at CSA Global. We believe it is important to foster and facilitate innovative talent particularly in the area of health and safety in mining,” added Jeff.

The title of Ghulam’s PhD research is Photogrammetric method of distant reconstruction of displacement and strain fields in deformable solids. His focus is to monitor and predict the stability of different structures such as mines, bridges and buildings using Digital Image Correlation (DIC) to measure displacements and strains with high accuracy. This has many applications including monitoring the health of a structure and predicting its failure, monitoring thermal expansion and studying the property of materials under different conditions.

The CSA Global Prize in Entrepreneurship involves:

  • Business development mentoring from industry leaders over an eight week period
  • Introductions and networking with potential clients and partners
  • Access to office facilities and administrative support

Jeff Elliott, Peter Rossdeutscher and Ghulam Hassan

Ghulam (pictured above centre) has a master’s degree from Oklahoma State University, USA in Computer Engineering and an undergraduate degree from University of Engineering & Technology Peshawar, Pakistan in Electrical/Electronic Engineering.

Ghulam is currently completing his PHD research at the University of Western Australia’s schools of Civil & Resource Engineering and Computer Science & Software.

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