Our Data Services

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CSA Global’s Data team includes industry experienced geologists, data management, GIS and Information Technology specialists who take a ‘hands-on’ approach to assessing our clients’ technology needs. CSA Global assists clients in adopting a structured approach to manage and optimise their technology for analysis and decision making by combining exploration and mining practices with the latest technology trends and mining specialist software products in market.

Data Services

    • Data collection and geological procedures
    • Validation of geological data and map
    • Database design, implementation, management and hosting
    • Data auditing, validation and QA of data
    • Streamlined production tracking and management tools

Data and Online Information Services

  • Spring Data Rooms and Company Portals
  • Online information management systems
  • IT support, systems administration and training
  • Migration of traditional systems to efficient and cost-effective private cloud IT

Data Visualisation Services

  • Spatial project datasets, geoprocessing tasks and Web Mapping
  • QC charting and approval processes
  • Expert valuations
  • 2D and 3D visualisation outputs
  • Cartography and GIS Drafting

What we offer

Data Systems

Our client most important asset is their data. We ensure database management and data extraction are based on a thorough understanding of our client’s needs. This understanding enables CSA Global to provide the very best data management solutions, tools and workflows for each client for all stages of the project, from conceptual through exploration to production. Our ability to leverage on clients’ existing systems and train current staff ensures that the highest level of integrity and quality are maintained.

Our experienced team offers clients data management and GIS software, such as, GeoBank, DataShed, Acquire, GeoBank Mobile, LogChief, Micromine, ArcGIS and MapInfo. These are some of the specialist software products that we understand and help to support and maintain for clients.

Our data and visualisation systems have moved away from traditional server-based information technology systems. We now utilise the best available “cloud” infrastructure and software so we can deliver online solutions and collaborative systems customised to our clients’ needs globally.

To enable project collaboration, we have built on this technology, designing and implementing Spring Portals.

Spring allows everyone in your company to access a centralised environment, no matter how complex the project, and have access to the latest data for smart decision making.

We can even migrate your legacy information technology (IT) systems to your own “private cloud’ built to suit your project scale and global access requirements.

Because we understand the unique needs of mining and how to maximise the benefits of data with technology, should your business change in size or scale, our team are equipped to accommodate any volume of work to ensure clients keep meeting their targets.

Data Visualisation & Analytics

Visualisation and analysis of field observations and geochemical results is of the highest priority in all stages of project development. To assist in streamlining this process we can help you implement workflows, many of which are automated, allowing your geoscientists access to data as soon as it becomes available.

This is possible, as once results have passed the quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) processes, outputs can be automated and made available in exploration and mining software some of which include spatial datasets, plans, sections, 3D plots and statistical QC charts.

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