• December 3, 2021

Download our latest presentation; Opportunities for Improving Economic Efficiency across the LOM cycle

Published on December 3rd, 2021

CSA Global is proud to have sponsored and presented at this year’s RIU Resurgence Conference, The Next Big Discovery  held on Wednesday 1 December to Thursday 2 December, 2021 at The Westin in Perth, Western Australia.

The RIU Resurgence Conference 2021 was aimed at junior to mid sized resources companies and live streamed globally.

This year, CSA Global partnered with METS Engineering to deliver the Technical Auditorium, From Discovery to Production – How Best To Do It – view below to download all presentations and recordings.


Time: Wednesday 01 December, 4.15 PM AWST
Presentation: Opportunities for Improving Economic Efficiency across the LOM cycle


There are numerous ways for companies to increase profitability and efficiency in the Life of Mine cycle. Yet, most of them are generally ignored or forgotten about in the frenzy and excitement of discovery and start-up. All too often, the pressure of bringing a project online in an often-unrealistic timeline means corners are cut, and compromises are made. It’s often too late to go back and remedy the situation, and if that does happen, it is at an extra cost which was rarely accounted for in the original budget. The devil is in the details with mistakes often made in the small details of a project. The way forward to optimise economy is to start paying attention to these details, and with exploration, it begins at the front-end of the Life of Mine Cycle.


CSA Global Principal Consultant, Felicity Hughes

Felicity Hughes
Principal Consultant

Felicity is a geologist/geochemist and possesses more than 35 years’ experience in a wide range of commodities; ranging from grass roots exploration planning and management, due diligence, resource evaluation, feasibility, mine grade and ore control and geometallurgy. She has worked on the development and management of geological, beneficiation and geometallurgy models for a number of commodities. Felicity has worked in Australia, Brazil and Zambia and has successfully run her own consultancy for more than twenty five years.

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Time: Wednesday 1 December 2021, 2.00 PM AWST
Presentation: Resource Modelling: The Resource Development Roadmap: We Know How To Get There, But Where Are We Going?


Developing a mineral deposit from the first discovery to resource definition is a multi-disciplinary exercise involving drilling, sampling, assaying, geotechnical and metallurgical test-work. Tight development schedules are often defined; however, too often, slippages in the delivery of the schedule are experienced. As consultants, we have often been involved in projects that needed rushed, last-minute re-engineering. As part of the planning process, we propose that a reverse schedule should be considered, starting from the due date, working backwards to ensure that the correct information is delivered in a timely fashion.


Phil Jankowski
Principal Consultant

Phil has over 30 years of experience in mining geology and resource estimation and spent 23 years as a resource and mining geologist. He joined CSA Global in early 2021 and is responsible for the provision of high-quality resource estimation, mining geology, due diligence, and independent reporting services, in addition to driving business development and pursuing opportunities globally. Phil has undertaken projects in Southeast Asia, the former Soviet Union and Africa and has a strong track record of key project engagement and execution.

Matt Clark

Matthew Clark
Senior Consultant

Matthew has worked for more than 11 years as a mine and resource geologist in open pit and underground mines in Australia. He has broad experience in the mineral sector and specialises in exploration, mine geology and resource estimation. His specialist skills include 3D modelling, statistical data analysis and deposit scale targeting.

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Time: Wednesday 1 December 2021, 2.30 PM AWST
Presentation: Lithium: Not All Lithium Deposits Are Created Equal


The move to electric vehicles and the LCET (low carbon economic transition) to mitigate CO2 emissions are set to see more than a doubling in lithium demand in the next five years and a looming supply deficit forecast from 2022. Consequently, there is much interest in the traditional spodumene and brine Li-deposits and non-conventional lithium sources, the latter which are currently not part of the global lithium supply chain. As a result, the traditional spodumene-bearing pegmatite and brine hosted lithium deposits remain critical to meeting the short to medium term lithium demand so that CO2 reduction targets are met. Australia is currently the largest supplier of lithium to the global market and is set to remain a key supplier for the foreseeable future. While spodumene is the mineral of choice and is generally well understood to beneficiate, pegmatite hosted deposits are considered unique. Understanding the associated technical challenges is essential to de-risk projects early in the exploration cycle.


Graham Jeffress, Manager – Corporate

Graham Jeffress
Partner (Asia Pacific), Principal Geologist

Graham is a geologist with more than 28 years’ experience in exploration and management in Australia, PNG and Indonesia. His broad experience across the mining sector underpins CSA Global’s specialist technical corporate services. He is responsible for a coordinating a vast pool of high calibre specialists in Australia and internationally. His role on the Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC) ensures he is very well informed in key regulatory matters. Graham manages small and large projects with our clients throughout Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Australasia. He works collaboratively with our international offices to ensure we get the right skill set for each role, which can be anything from initial high-level fatal flaw checks through comprehensive due diligence to independent technical reporting and valuation of large multiple project mining operations.


Michael Cronwright

Michael Cronwright
Principal Consultant – Battery Metals

Michael is a geologist possessing more than 20 years’ experience in exploration and geology throughout Africa and parts of the Middle East. He is a well-rounded exploration professional with significant commodity experience including lithium, tin, base metals, gold, coal and tungsten. He holds a broad view of the battery metals space, including an appreciation of its downstream components. Michael has gained significant experience across pegmatite hosted columbo-tantalite, tin and lithium mineralisation, and vein hosted mineralisation styles. He is a qualified Competent Person/Qualified Person across many international reporting codes. Michael has lectured in the Master of Science program at Rhodes University on the topic of exploration geochemistry and pegmatites and is a member of the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions, and a fellow of the Geological Society of South Africa.

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