CSA Global's Exploration services team combines highly-experienced personnel with state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to provide a pathway to discovery and definition of Mineral Resources. Our exploration and project management expertise can take your project from concept to prospect and, with the help of our Data, Resources, Mining & Corporate teams, on to defined deposit and through feasibility to profitable mine.


We can provide expert advice, project audit, and staff mentoring at any stage of the exploration and evaluation cycle from project generation through to reserve replacement.

Given our depth of experience we can supply a complete exploration management service including planning, supervision, implementation, management and reporting. Or if you just require skilled field personnel we can supply contract staff to assist your team, both short or long term.

We have worked with all types of companies, from junior explorers through to international majors, and our depth of knowledge and experience enables us to tailor genuinely value-adding solutions for each client's needs, whether first-pass drilling or brownfields exploration at an operating mine. Our consultants are industry leaders and can provide unique insights on the best ways to advance your project, or to assess opportunities for project acquisition.

Our Exploration services include:

  • Mineral systems targeting & project generation
  • Remote sensing & geophysics
  • Geochemistry (traditional & non-destructive methods)
  • Mapping & field investigations
  • Drill program planning & supervision
  • Exploration strategy & project management


CSA Global Exploration Brochure
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CSA Global Geochemistry Capability Statement
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Hyperspectral Analysis
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CSA Global Mineral Systems Targeting Capability Statement
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CSA Global Remote Sensing Capability Statement
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CSA Global XRF Capability Statement
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