• October 31, 2019

Pilot Plan Trials successfully completed by FYI Resources

Published on October 31st, 2019

CSA Global’s client, FYI Resources has moved to finalising a feasibility study for its High Purity Alumina Project this quarter.

Highlights include

• FYI has successfully completed its designated continuous pilot plant trial production run
• Pilot plant performance matched modelled expectations
• All anticipated operating parameters met with final product (HPA) appearing to be of excellent quality
• The trial HPA will be sent to the US for independent analysis
• Commercial samples will be made available to potential customers for testing and application qualification following confirmation of the target grade analysis
• Pilot plant results appear to support the Pre-feasibility Study (PFS) assumptions and confirm the potential to deliver lowest-quartile production costs

FYI Resources Ltd (ASX: FYI) (“FYI” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce it has successfully achieved a significant step in progressing the Company’s high purity alumina (HPA) development strategy with the completion of trial production at its dedicated pilot plant located in Welshpool, Western Australia.

FYI’s HPA pilot plant operated continuously “end to end” from the 2nd to 9th October on a 24/7 basis. During that time, the pilot plant met or exceeded FYI’s modelled operational performances, demonstrating the potential for commercial production of HPA as per the PFS assumptions (refer announcement 25 September 2018).

A short video of the pilot plant in operation may be accessed on the homepage of the Company’s website.

The pilot plant demonstrated that FYI’s unique HPA flowsheet could operate on a continuous basis.

FYI undertook the pilot study using the best scale up practices to replicate commercial production. The manually observed results from the pilot plant were consistent with the previously reported testwork.

The successful trial production provides FYI with a complete metallurgical assessment of the product behaviour and characteristics through the refining process. An energy balance has also been developed to determine the requirements for heating and cooling inputs, along with a model for all other inputs (costs) used in the process including providing projections for reagent consumptions and losses of solvent extraction reagents. These results will form the core information for developing the final design and engineering of process plant equipment in the Company’s definitive feasibility study (DFS).

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