• September 28, 2018

CSA Global is getting ready for the new GIM Suite 4 release

Published on September 28th, 2018

CSA Global in partnership with the acQuire Nova Network recently hosted a two-day workshop on acQuire’s forthcoming GIM Suite 4 release.

The workshop was attended by Nova Network Technology partners from the United Kingdom, Europe and Canada at CSA Global’s office in Horsham, United Kingdom and offered an in-depth insight to assist Nova Network professionals to prepare for the new release.

The upcoming software release features an all new web-based interface allowing database administrators to build interactive dashboards; more third party software integrations and flexible options for created scaled logs in preferred company formats.

In September 2017, CSA Global announced it had joined the acQuire Nova Network Partnership program with an added capability to provide clients access to GIM Suite technology through an online managed system.

Later that year, it announced Data Manager, David Muir based in the United Kingdom had completed his accreditation making it possible for CSA Global to act as a Nova Partner servicing Europe and Africa.

CSA Global’s strategy to add global capacity and specialist data science capability has been further solidified by the recent appointment of Principal Data Analyst, Maeve Murphy in Vancouver who is accredited to provide post implementation services directly to acQuire’s customers.

Ensuring the company is represented globally, Senior Data Specialist, Jai Rai from CSA Global’s headquarters in Western Australia is currently undertaking accreditation training to help service clients in the Australasian region.

The Nova Network is a partnership of accredited geoscience data asset specialists who deliver high-quality Geoscientific Information Management consulting services using acQuire’s software products.

Contact David Muir for more information on this latest product or other acQuire services on offer.


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