• April 12, 2017

CSA Global announces restructure to global executive team

Published on April 12th, 2017

PERTH, AUSTRALIA – APRIL 12, 2017 – CSA Global is pleased to announce it has restructured its executive team to head its international operations across three global regions.

The company has appointed Aaron Green as Director of Australian and Asian operations and Galen White as Director of European and African operations to help drive and facilitate collaboration, promote regional growth strategies and to oversee the delivery of the group’s diverse range of services to target markets.

CSA Global has previously announced it had appointed Stan Wholley as the President of Americas.

Managing Director Jeff Elliott stated “The re-organisation of roles and regional focus for the Operations Directors have been effected to help drive our brand globally across the three major time zone regions we operate in.”

“The restructure is part and parcel of CSA Global’s growth strategy.  We are continuing to build our brand internationally, and we are excited about the potential to expand further and extend our services geographically. We are extremely enthusiastic about the challenges that lay ahead in 2017 and our commitment to servicing our clients globally. We see these changes as a pathway to help facilitate our relationships further,” he added.

Stan Wholley
President – Americas

Stan Wholley has been appointed to the role of President-Americas. Stan is based in our Toronto office in Canada and has been involved in exploration and mining geology for more than 25 years. He was previously the Director of Operations in Perth, Western Australia. His new role will include broadening Canada’s service offerings in key mining markets and will manage client activities across CSA Global’s Vancouver and Toronto offices.

Aaron Green - Director - Australian Operations

Aaron Green
Director – Australasia

Aaron Green is the Director of Australasia and is based out of corporate head office in Perth, Western Australia. He has a strong background in exploration and mine geology and has wide range experience across mining operations in Australia and internationally.  He will focus on the Australasian market and is currently working with our local and international clients to access our global pool of experts across a number of projects.

Galen White
Director – Europe & Africa

Galen White has been appointed to Director of Europe and Africa. He has worked as a geologist for more than twenty years in the international exploration and mining industry.  Galen has worked throughout the globe in a variety of geological settings and commodities and is as a competent/qualified person for JORC 2012, CIM and other CRIRSCO Code public reporting.  He was previously the Managing Director of CSA Global’s UK office.

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