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    Published on July 5th, 2018

    Dr Mark Allen presented recently on the “Global Outlook for Zinc” at the mid-May 2018 ResourceStocks Conference in Sydney, Australia.

    Zinc markets have tightened and the outlook for one of the ‘fickle’ metals has strengthened. But as always with zinc, the question is, how long is it going to last? Dr Allen will examine the fundamentals of supply into the future and why we may be cautiously optimistic for the long term.

    ResourceStocks Sydney showcased the latest opportunities, with presentations and meetings structured with peer comparisons, to assess the key factors for investment and provide the macro-economic, commodity and geo-political contexts that are an essential part of any investment decision.


    Mark Allen Principal Consultant

    Mark Allen
    Principal Consultant
    Phd. BA (Mod) Geology

    Dr Mark Allen is a geologist with more than 20 years’ experience in mineral exploration and mineral deposit evaluation. He possesses an outstanding knowledge of base metal mineral deposits and has evaluated projects and led exploration teams around the world. Prior to joining CSA Global, Mark held senior exploration and business development roles with companies including Pasminco, Oxiana and OZ Minerals.  He has implemented and encouraged the highest standards of technical and operational excellence across technical support groups. Dr Allen has worked in various countries, including, Australia, Pakistan, India, Namibia, Thailand, USA, and North America and possess specialist expertise in base metal metallogeny and exploration.

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