• March 26, 2022

GSM-IGM Virtual Advanced Seminar on Mining Geology & Mineral Resources

Published on March 26th, 2022

CSA Global Manager – Corporate and Principal Consultant, Ivy Chen will present on: ‘Resource Estimation and Classification for Gold Deposits from a Practical Mine-based Perspective: Small Tonnage Nuggety high-grade vein hosted vs Large Low Grade Disseminated Gold Deposits.’

The presentation will be delivered at the upcoming GSM-IGM Virtual Advanced Seminar on Mining Geology and Mineral Resources in support of the Growth and Development of Malaysia and the Region between 12:00-12:30pm on Tuesday 12 April, 2022.

Her presentation will focus on: Resource Estimation and Classification for Gold Deposits from a Practical Mine-based Perspective: Small Tonnage Nuggety high-grade vein hosted vs Large Low Grade Disseminated Gold Deposits.

This seminar is designed for economic and exploration geologists, mining & process engineers, technical, production managers as well as government officers, mine owners & investors involved in gold, tin, rare earth, bauxite, coal, iron/manganese ore, sand, clay, granite, marble mining, processing, and researchers, students & academics, to reposition the current activities and development of mining in postpandemic Malaysia.

Malaysia’s economy, like many countries around the world, has been greatly affected by the pandemic since the beginning of 2020, and this will likely last until 2022. In the year prior to this, the global markets, including Malaysia’s, have already begun slowing down due to many uncertainties such as the tariff war, trade sanctions, drop in oil prices, regional conflicts and other events. In order to revive it’s economy, Malaysia must intensify efforts and provide greater incentives to miners to explore, mine, process and extract it’s metallic and non-metallic mineral resources on-shore, off-shore, alluvial, hard rock and ion-adsorption clay deposits, considering the relatively high and sustained prices of these commodities. A culture should also be created to enhance mine safety and sustainability in the industry.


A ‘Mineral Resource’ is a concentration or occurrence of solid material of economic interest in or on the Earth’s crust in such form, grade (or quality), and quantity that there are reasonable prospects for eventual economic extraction.  Mineral Resources are sub-divided, in order of increasing geological confidence, into Inferred, Indicated and Measured categories. This brief presentation opens a discussion of how this might be approached from a practical grade control and mining perspective, and how the Competent Person should disclose their basis for the classification.

Our Presenter

Ivy Chen, CSA Global Principal ConsultantIvy Chen
Principal Consultant

Ivy is a corporate governance specialist, with over 30 years’ experience in mining and resource estimation. She served as the national geology and mining adviser for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) from 2009–2015. Ivy’s experience in the mining industry in Australia and China, as an operations and consulting geologist includes open pit and underground mines for gold, manganese and chromite, and as a consulting geologist she has conducted mineral project evaluation, strategy development and implementation, through to senior corporate management roles. Recent projects completed include listings and other commercial transactions on the Australian, Singapore, Hong Kong and UK stock exchanges. Ivy is a company director in the ASX junior resources listed space and is a member of the VALMIN committee.

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