Happy Geologists Day from CSA Global

    Published on April 2nd, 2016

    We all know Geologists rock but did you know…….

    The establishment of this holiday was initiated by a group of prominent Soviet geologists headed by academician Alexander Yanshin. Following their initiative, the Geologists Day was established by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on March 31, 1966 to commemorate the achievements of Soviet geologists after discovery of the West Siberian petroleum province.

    The timing of the holiday, the first Sunday in April, was chosen because it marks the end of winter and beginning of preparation for summer field work and expeditions.

    Geologists Day is traditionally celebrated in almost all geological and mining organizations of the former Soviet Union with festivities starting at the end of preceding week. With tens of thousands of geologists from the former Soviet Union working around the world, the tradition of celebrating the Geologists Day is becoming more international.

    In addition to geologists, many others involved in related fields also consider this day as their professional holiday and celebrate it.

    So where ever in the world your feet find you – happy Geologists Day from us!

    Simon Dorling ONYM Project

    Principal Consultant, Simon Dorling in Morocco


    Jeff Elliott, Managing Director, CSA Global onsite at the Caijiaying Mine in China

    Jeff Elliott, Managing Director, CSA Global onsite at the Caijiaying Mine in China



    Graham Jeffress, Director of exploration in Western Australia


    19-05-2015 8-07-25 AM

    Dennis Arne, Managing Director – Canada onsite in the Yukon, Canada

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