• March 22, 2016

HKND Group Appoints CSA Global GIS and Data Management

Published on March 22nd, 2016

HKND Group Engaged CSA Global of Australia to Implement Geographic Information System (GIS) and Data Management for Nicaragua Canal

On February 18th, 2016, HKND Group, concessionaire of the Nicaragua Interoceanic Grand Canal Project, signed an agreement with international geological, data and resource consultancy, CSA Global of Australia in the headquarters of HKND Group in Hong Kong, to implement a Geographic Information System (GIS) platform and Spring Portal to enable centralised data management of technical and visual data. This is the second time that HKND Group collaborates with CSA Global on the Nicaragua Canal Project.

“The Spring Tech system will enable collaboration among all parties involved on the canal project such as engineers, developers, contractors and stakeholders. Access to real time information will provide our team with the ability to make informed and timely decisions based on up-to-the-minute project data,” stated Senior Advisor of HKND Group, John Murray.

The web-enabled architecture enables a platform approach to provide a single point of truth for all geospatial and design data collected on the project. This will ensure that the most up to date information is available for real time decision support between all disciplines involved on the design and construct of the canal. The presentation of spatial data through web maps ensures that all team members are using and visualising the latest information available, connecting field crews with each other and back to the head office for real time reporting, guaranteeing that changes made to the design are fed through to the remote construction teams in Nicaragua.

Purpose built applications will streamline planning and monitoring of geohazards, local flora and fauna, heritage sites, and environmental data through integrated data management, mapping, and smart reporting of live data.

HKND’s GIS will be designed to store and manage the massive quantity of geospatial and design data expected during this project, including; topographic, geological, bathymetric, infrastructure, vegetation, water, and engineering layers. The Spring Portal will enable efficient access to all data (including location) for construction design on a state of the art platform that is simple to use. The GIS system will use the world leader in spatial technologies, Esri’s ArcGIS Platform deployed with other leading technologies from Citrix and Microsoft. The outcome will be a ubiquitous user experience where a user can access the information they need, from any device, wherever, and whenever they need.

The infrastructure and data validation works will commence in February and the initial stage will be completed by May 2016. In the future the platform will support Canal construction and maintenance activities through smart maps and integrated asset management systems.

CSA Global is a leading geological, data, resource and management consulting company with a broad international footprint. CSA Global has a team of some of the world’s leading data managers, GIS specialists and IT experts. These specialists provide its clients with independent data management solutions, tools and workflows for all stages of a project’s lifecycle, from conceptual through feasibility to production.

CSA Global has been tasked with managing data for clients globally that range from exploration companies through to major mining houses and government bodies. With vast experience in field mapping and data collection, its solutions specialise in connecting head office to the centre of operations and drive real-time decision making. Spring Tech has deployed Spring Portal technology across global projects to manage logistics, mining operations, agriculture, field mapping, environmental, risk and location data for development studies. Spring Tech develops live data platforms to empower accurate and informed decision making with unique experience on large-scale commercial projects globally.

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