• July 12, 2016

Academic paper released on In situ recovery; an alternative to conventional methods of mining

Published on July 12th, 2016

CSA Global congratulates Dr Maxim Seredkin, Principal Resource Geologist, first author, of the recently published academic paper on “In situ recovery, an alternative to conventional methods of mining: Exploration, resource estimation, environmental issues, project evaluation and economics”.  Dr Seredkin outlines the history and application of in situ recovery to a wide variety of metals.

Exploration and Evaluation Manager of Australia, Graham Jeffress played an integral role in contributing to the paper together with Alexander Zabolotsky from Auriant Mining in the Russian Federation.

The academic paper was published by Elsevier, Ore Geology Reviews and released in July 2016.

This paper discusses the history and application of in situ recovery (ISR) to a wide variety of metals. The increasing application of ISR may provide an important method to address a key issue for the mining industry, namely the cost of production. ISR transfers a significant proportion of hydrometallurgical processing to mineralised bodies in the subsurface to directly obtain solutions of metals of interest. As a result, there is little surface disturbance and no tailings or waste rock are generated at ISR mines. However, for ISR to be successful, deposits need to be permeable (either naturally or artificially induced), and the metals of interest readily amenable to dissolution by leaching solutions in a reasonable period of time, with an acceptable consumption of leaching reagents.

About the Author

Dr Maxim Seredkin - Principal Resource Geologist

Dr Maxim Seredkin
Principal Resource Geologist
Dr Maxim Seredkin has over 18 years’ experience in exploration, mining production and resource estimation. He has experience in a range of commodities and reporting codes (including JORC and NI43-101). Maxim is particularly sought after in industry and academia for his expertise in uranium, he has in-depth experience across a range of geological settings and deposit types. He has specialist skills in the application of in-situ recovery for uranium extraction based on 5 years of direct operational experience. In addition to uranium expertise, Maxim has experience in bauxite, rare earths and iron ore. Maxim has a strong scientific background, with research experience in ore genesis, petrology and the mineralisation of carbonatite, alkaline and ultramafic complexes, in hydrothermal-metasomatic gold and tungsten deposits.

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JUNE 19, 2016

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