• November 30, 2016

Interactive geology session sees students tasting carnallite

Published on November 30th, 2016

Last Friday, 25th November, CSA Global Principal Geologist Mark Pudovskis ran an interactive Geology session with Year 4 students at Woodlands Primary School as part of their Science learning program with Science Specialist Teacher, Lynette Martin.

Mark spoke to the keen students about the role of a geologist and demonstrated how minerals form part of everyday life.  A vast amount of specimens were bought in, comprising of iron ore, bauxite, manganese, coal, potash, copper, pyrite and gold plus a few fossils. Several specimens were kindly, loaned by Dr Carl Brauhart, Simon Dorling and Graham Jeffress from CSA Global.

Following a brief discussion on Geology, students were free to view various rocks on the iScope stations, look through photographs and handle the geologist’s field tools, including a geo-pick, compass, hand lens and GPS.

One of the major highlights of the day included Simon’s carnallite sample. After mentioning that the sample was ‘salt’, many students were keen to test it, irrespective of being warned of the ‘bitter’ taste.

Mark stated, “The interactive learning experience was thoroughly enjoyed by all and hopefully, goes a long way towards encouraging a few new budding geologists.”

Lynette added, “The rocks, maps and tools were fantastic.  It was a very informative and inspiring presentation and the feedback we received from some of the students included “superb”, “informative”, “interesting”, “fascinating” and “brilliant”.

Principal Geologist Mark Pudovskis above.

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