• January 9, 2018

Meet us at the Mineral Exploration Seminar 2018

Published on January 9th, 2018

Meet CSA Global Exploration Manager, Marcus Willson and Principal Geologist, Warren Potma at the CSIRO Mineral Exploration Seminar on February 9, 2018 in Perth, Western Australia.

The seminar will present the latest research into exploration concepts and tools being developed at CSIRO.

Presentations will be targeted at Australian exploration and technology issues with talks on using big data, regional- to camp-scale exploration, multiple scales of ore body characterisation, and innovative, cost-saving sampling, along with a ‘classic’ seminar around nickel and strategic metal exploration.

Topics include:

  • Active sampling during exploration
  • Regolith mapping, characterisation, and sampling in the Capricorn Orogen
  • Multi-scale core characterisation facilities
  • Landscape geochemistry at the DeGrussa VMS deposit and in the Fraser Range
  • New tools for pXRF data processing
  • AEM and regolith integration
  • Automated mineralogy for alteration mapping and vectoring
  • Opportunities for audience voting on preferred talk topics


Marcus Willson - Principal Geologist - Gold

Marcus Willson – Exploration Manager
M.Sc. Geology, B.Sc. Geology, MAIG, RPGeo

Marcus has close to 30 years experience in the mineral industry, ranging from early stage exploration activities, exploration management, strategy development and implementation, through to senior corporate management roles. Marcus has specialist expertise in Archaean and Birimian orogenic, intrusion related, and porphyry related gold (with copper), regolith interpretation and geochemistry as well as in litho-tectonic/structural analysis in the context of hydrothermal mineralisation. He uses these skills to deliver integrated, mineral systems-based, geological models and targeting advice. He is a leader with strong analytical and problem solving skills and demonstrated competency for applying advanced techniques to enhance project value delivering an excellent track record of discovery. Marcus’ significant corporate experience provides excellent skills in project risk analysis, ranking and valuation.


Warren Potma – Principal Geologist
MSc (Structural Geology), MAIG

Warren is a geologist with more than 20 years’ experience in exploration and mining geology, management and technical R&D. He specialises in structural geology, integrated mineral system analysis, 3D modelling, and technical mentoring. Warren has extensive exploration, mine production and technical projects experience, and a strong background in applied exploration technology R&D and mineral systems research he gained while with the CSIRO. He has a strong track record of discovery in Chilean magmatic hydrothermal mineral systems (IOCG, porphyry Cu/Au), Archaean orogenic gold and VHMS systems, and broad experience across the range of magmatic-hydrothermal mineral systems.

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Mineral Exploration Seminar


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