• March 16, 2022

The 12th Mining & Exploration Forum MINEX Kazakhstan

Published on March 16th, 2022

Join CSA Global Principal Resource Geologist, Serik Urbisinov at The 12th Mining & Exploration Forum MINEX Kazakhstan between 6-7 April, 2022 when he presents in person on ‘KAZRC: Why codes are integral to attracting global mining investment in Kazakhstan.’

This year’s in person forum is held under the general theme “Sustainable development, decarbonisation and industrial transformation.” The MINEX Forum has been held in Kazakhstan since 2010 and is one of the most influential mining events in the Central Asia and brings together leaders from the national and international mining and exploration companies, ministries and other governmental organisations, investment funds and banks, service companies and equipment manufacturers.  


A reliable and uniform approach to the public reporting of a mining company’s main assets, its Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves, is essential for attracting and maintaining investor interest and capital. The globalisation of the mining industry has only made this requirement more critical.

The CRIRSCO family of reporting standards in most advanced mining jurisdictions provides an almost identical definition of key terms such as resource and reserve. The KAZRC sets up minimum requirements for Public Reporting by Kazakhstan mining and exploration companies. KAZRC has been developed under general criteria adopted by the world mining community. This unified approach has provided the mining industry, regulators, and investors with a common framework to report and interpret mineral resource and reserve estimates, thereby facilitating funding to the mining industry through improved investor understanding and confidence. Public reporting codes provide increased transparency and improved and consistent information for investors.

KAZRC is the mining industry’s reporting code – it is an advantage not shared by other industries seeking public funding, such as the pharmaceuticals industry, technology, or cryptocurrency promoters. This is because investors have come to understand that JORC style codes like KAZRC provide a common basis for comparing one project to another across commodity, size, and geological settings. It is not a magic bullet to make unimpressive projects look better, nor is it a burden making it hard to talk about projects. KAZRC must be learned well in order to help build investor confidence and provide long-term value in exploration and mining.

About our Presenter

Serik Urbisinov, Principal Resource Geologist, CSA Global
Serik Urbisinov
Principal Resource Geologist

Serik has over 20 years of experience in mineral exploration, field operations and resource estimation. He has a strong background in geology and computer technologies, allowing him to master geological and mining software at an expert level. His experience with mining operations gives him an excellent practical and theoretical basis for resource estimation. Serik has worked in many countries and possesses substantial experience in Australia, Canada, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Indonesia, the USA, and Russia. His geological expertise includes a range of gold mineralisation types, epithermal and orogenic, porphyry copper/molybdenum deposits, skarn tungsten and tin, iron ore, a variety of lead/zinc/silver deposit types, nickel-cobalt laterites, and industrial minerals such as clays and silica sands. With substantial experience in a wide range of commodity and deposit types, Serik meets the requirements to act as a Competent Person for JORC Code reporting for most metalliferous deposit types and as a Qualified Person for Canadian NI43-101 technical reporting for gold, tungsten, copper and tin. Moreover, Serik has a strong knowledge of the Russian GKZ system and the new Kazakh reporting code and the recently introduced new subsoil use code for Kazakhstan.


Серик имеет более чем 20-летний опыт работы в области разведки полезных ископаемых, полевых работ и оценки ресурсов. У него большой опыт работы в области геологии и компьютерных технологий, что позволяет ему осваивать геологическое и горное программное обеспечение на экспертном уровне. Его опыт добычи полезных ископаемых дает ему прекрасную практическую и теоретическую основу для оценки ресурсов. Серик работал во многих странах и имеет значительный опыт работы в Австралии, Канаде, Казахстане, Кыргызстане, Монголии, Индонезии, США и России. Его геологические знания включают ряд типов золоторудной минерализации, эпитермальных и орогенных, медно-порфировые / молибденовые месторождения, скарновые вольфрамовые и оловянные, железные руды, различные типы месторождений свинца / цинка / серебра, никель-кобальтовые латериты и промышленные полезные ископаемые, такие как глины и кварцевые пески. Имея значительный опыт работы с широким спектром товаров и типов месторождений, Серик отвечает требованиям, предъявляемым к компетентному лицу по составлению отчетности по Кодексу JORC для большинства типов месторождений металлов, а также в качестве уполномоченного лица по канадской технической отчетности по NI43-101 по золоту, вольфраму, меди. и олово. Кроме того, Серик хорошо знаком с российской системой ГКЗ, новым казахстанским кодексом отчетности и недавно введенным новым кодексом недропользования для Казахстана.

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