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CSA Global’s consulting base is small and as we continue to grow and expand, we rely on our partners to assist in all stages of project development allowing us to better support projects with software and from a pool of specialized talent.

Our partnerships are instrumental in helping to assist us in maintaining your project; giving it that competitive edge, as well as accessing expertise to improve the overall performance and objective of the project.

ERM Logo

ERM is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, social consulting services and sustainability-related services. In July 2019, ERM acquired CSA Global and together the companies are working with the world’s leading organizations, delivering innovative solutions and helping them to understand and manage their sustainability challenges.

ERM is delivering capital projects, improving operational performance, or retiring assets. ERM services support our clients’ environmental, health, safety (EHS) and sustainability needs across the entire lifecycle of the business. ERM currently service their clients with the assistance of more than 5,500 people in over 40 countries and territories working out of more than 160 offices around the world.

Acquire Nova Logo

The acQuire Nova Network is a collaboration between acQuire and CSA Global to provide Geoscientific information management (GIM) services and solutions with acQuire products. As a Nova Network partner, CSA Global offers accredited data management services and acQuire technology implementation assistance to the global resources industries. We provide accredited Nova Partner technologists to service clients in Australia, Europe and Africa.

Only accredited technologists in member consultancies are backed by acQuire’s stringent partnership program. acQuire Technology Solutions is an employee-owned company originating in Perth, Western Australia. In 1996, acQuire launched Geoscientific Information Management (GIM) software solutions for the natural resources industries, focusing on exploration, resource development and mining assets.

Ever Nimble

Ever Nimble provide honest and smart technology advice to help businesses thrive by connecting teams, improving processes and ensuring IT infrastructure can be relied on. Ever Nimble are based in Perth, Western Australia and are trusted partners of CSA Global, helping to provide IT support to clients around the world.

Ever Nimble’s team of infrastructure and business process experts provide bespoke advice and solutions based on its clients’ needs and strategic goals. The team has significant experience in the mining and resource industry. More recently, they have been engaged in managing the IT infrastructure for a large Chinese zinc mine and the establishment of cloud systems for a Bauxite project in the Solomon Islands.

With a holistic approach to technology, Ever Nimble speak in “plain” English to assist clients to obtain the most from their technology investment.

Southern Geoscience Consultants Logo

Southern Geoscience Consultants (SGC) is a group of highly experienced geophysicists based in Perth, Western Australia providing independent, specialized, consulting services to the mineral and petroleum exploration industries globally.

SGC works with all types of geoscientific data and carries out planning, management, quality control, processing, imaging and interpretation of geophysical surveys, management of exploration programs, targeting and design of drill holes, GIS and data compilations, project evaluations, sales of multi-client data and value-added products, instrument rentals, petrophysical measurements and software development.

Since 1985, the group has consulted to over 1000 organisations worldwide and has been involved with major discoveries. In late 2017, CSA Global partnered with SGC.

Spring Tech

SpringTech has been a technology partner of CSA Global since 2016. This collaboration has enabled us to provide clients with user-friendly digital solutions for the mining sector. From the field to the boardroom, SpringTech products help streamline exploration activities and add business intelligence to mining data.

Through field ready apps and an intuitive cloud-based interface SpringTech allow teams to obtain accurate information, quicker access and the ability to share and interpret technical and visual data. SpringTech’s agile business model and collaborative client approach means they are constantly evolving and innovating to create the ultimate in responsive and scalable solutions that save time and costs to optimise mining operations.

Tap In Safety

Tap into Safety is a technology company on a mission to reduce injuries in high-risk workplaces. Underpinned by university research, the business combines interactive technology with modern learning practices to produce a methodology that focuses on the individual worker.

Tap into Safety founders Susanne Bahn and Geoff Bahn identified a key problem. While mandatory safety training and site inductions were commonplace, it was inexperience, hazard blindness and worker stress that were the greatest factors contributing to work-related injuries and fatalities. They set out to solve what they saw was a largely an unaddressed problem within the industry and in 2014 they started a company to do just that.

Whittle Consulting

CSA Global became a seminar partner of Whittle Consulting in August 2017 and is currently delivering cross functional collaboration to the mining industry; allowing geological, geo-metallurgical, mining, and data models, which once constructed can be revisited in the future to help understand changes to the ore body, process, and economic costs.  

The partnerships is helping to the unite the consulting services of CSA Global and Whittle Consulting’s optimisation service known as Enterprise Optimisation;  a methodology that models a mining and minerals processing system from resource to market.

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