• April 17, 2023

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Published on April 17th, 2023

Dr Pim van Geffen
Technical Director

Pim is a professional geoscientist with more than 15 years’ experience in mineral exploration and mining across the globe. He is a leader in the fields of geochemistry and geometallurgy in the Americas and is passionate about innovation and improved business practice in the sector. Across exploration to operations, closure and remediation, Pim focuses on rock-property data integration and process optimization throughout the mining value chain. He sees tremendous potential value in unlocking hidden information through geoscientific data gathered and not used to its full potential to characterize ore and waste, minimize operational risk, and maximize return. Pim has been a significant contributor across the industry; having delivered a plethora of public short courses and conference talks on geochemical data analysis and its geomet applications. He has provided in-house training to mining companies and academic institutions on ioGAS software, portable X-ray fluorescence analysis and infrared reflectance spectroscopy, and has served as a guest lecturer at the University of British Columbia and Queen’s University.

Samer Hmoud
Principal Consultant, Geostatistician

Samer has 10 years experience as a resource geologist and geostatistician, exploration geologist, and hydrogeologist. He is a specialist in application of advanced geostatistics to Mineral Resource estimation and has experience with a wide range of deposit types. Samer is skilled in identifying the right estimation strategy and potential issues of concern for each project and has extensive experience with non-linear geostatistics and conditional simulations for resource estimation, model validation, risk analysis, multivariate geostatistical modeling, and drillhole spacing studies. He has deep understanding of the transition from resources to reserves and the need to tailor resource estimation to this purpose, and in his current PhD study is assessing the implications of blast movement on dig limit optimization under geological uncertainty in open pit mines. Samer also has expertise in applying machine learning techniques to geology and resource estimation.

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