• February 15, 2016

Meet us at RIU Explorers Conference, Fremantle 2016

Published on February 15th, 2016

CSA Global’s Manager of Exploration, Graham Jeffress and Principal Consultants, Marcus Willson and Warren Potma are looking forward to meeting you at the RIU Explorers Conference on 24 -25 February 2016 at the Esplanade Hotel Fremantle.

RIU Explorers Conference is a major Australian forum for the junior resources sector with mineral exploration companies and emerging new miners attracting an ever-growing group of brokers, fund managers and investors to hear their presentations.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Neal Reynolds - Director - Exploration

Dr Neal Reynolds

Dr Neal Reynolds is a geologist with almost 30 years’ experience in the mineral exploration industry from project generation to advanced project stage, encompassing targeting studies, project management, project due diligence, audit and optimisation, and expert reporting. Neal has worked on projects globally, with extensive experience in Asia, Africa, and Australia, and is particularly sought after for his specialist expertise in the metallogeny and mining industry in Southeast Asia. He has broad commodity experience and expertise in sediment-hosted and intrusive-related base metals and gold systems. He specialises in integrated mineral systems targeting at district to deposit scale, including the effective application of sedimentary geology, lithostratigraphy, structural geology, and alteration studies.

Graham Jeffress - Manager - Exploration
Graham Jeffress

Manager – Exploration

A geologist with over 25 years’ experience in exploration and management in Australia, PNG and Indonesia, Graham’s specialist exploration and evaluation expertise is one of the driving forces behind CSA Global’s reputation for excellence in its exploration services team. Graham is responsible for a vast pool of high calibre exploration geologists in Australia and internationally. Based in Perth head office, Graham coordinates large and small teams to work with our clients throughout Africa, Asia, Russia Europe and the Middle East.

Marcus Willson - Principal Geologist - Gold
Marcus Willson

Principal Geologist – Gold

Marcus has 25 years’ experience in the mineral exploration industry, ranging from early stage exploration activities, exploration management, strategy development and implementation, through to senior corporate management roles. Marcus has specialist expertise in Archaean lode/orogenic gold, regolith interpretation and geochemistry as well as in geodynamic/litho-tectonic/structural/crustal evolution analysis in the context of hydrothermal mineralisation. He uses these skills to deliver integrated, mineral systems-based, geological models and targeting advice. He is a leader with strong analytical and problem solving skills and demonstrated competency for applying advanced technical techniques to enhance project value delivering an excellent track record of discovery. Marcus’ significant corporate experience provides excellent skills in project risk analysis, ranking and valuation.

Warren Potma - Principal Geologist - Gold
Warren Potma
Principal Geologist – Gold

Warren is a geologist with over 20 years’ experience in exploration and mining geology, management and technical R&D. He specialises in structural geology, integrated mineral system analysis and technical mentoring. Warren has extensive exploration, mine production and technical projects experience, and a strong background in applied exploration technology R&D and mineral systems research he gained while with the CSIRO. He has a strong track record of discovery in Chilean magmatic hydrothermal mineral systems (IOCG, porphyry Cu/Au) and Archaean orogenic gold systems.

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