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Data management is a powerful way to boost efficiencies in a business – but only if performed with integrity, expertise and a clear understanding of your operation.

Our data specialists know how to collect, assess and communicate findings that reveal valuable insights into your mining or exploration venture.

As a result, you enhance performance based on accurate data, and streamline communications between your corporate office and the field.

We are one of the few international consultancies with an independent data management service, and our team is world-class too.

Each of our experts is backed by considerable hands-on experience in the mining and resources sector.

And, we are trusted advisors to clients in Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, Canada and North and South America.

Our independent data experts offer solutions that grow with your operation and add-value to your venture – whether it’s established or just founded.

Complete data management

We handle every facet of your data management, from collection and analysis to delivery of results, or one-off data solutions to suit your needs.

  • There are no gaps in our process, which means you receive accurate results that offer valuable insights into your venture.
  • Before tailoring an approach to your business, we get to know it and what you want to achieve, so you maximise return on your investment.
  • Our data solutions are results focused. We don’t give you isolated figures that have no practical application – data are contextual and valuable.
  • We are efficient and budget friendly, and we’re one of the largest resource consultancies globally.
  • Our people are independent technical experts with world-class knowledge of data collection and analysis in the mining and resources sector.

Our team are experts in:

  • Complete data solutions:
    • Either fully outsourced client data management and GIS services, so you reduce time and resources associated with set up and management and free up staff to focus on the big picture.
    • Or customisable on-site geological database and data management process setup.
  • Supporting your data base administrator in their data management role.
  • Data governance and systems.
  • Data collection – process, QA/QC, best practices, optimisation and validation.
  • Data management – compilation, capture, support, process, implementation, delivery and reporting options.
  • Database auditing and GAP analysis (data and processes).
  • Data Fatal Flaw Analysis and due diligence.
  • QA/QC and analytical laboratory audits.
  • Data analysis and visualisation – integration of data for business analysis.
  • GIS services and software – ArcGIS (ArcGIS Online and Desktop), MapInfo, QGIS.
  • Cartography and drafting.
  • Data technology – Smart Mines, IoTs (Internet of things).
  • Machine learning and business intelligence.
  • End-user training for database administrators and managers – data management, database, QA/QC, GIS.

Software that streamlines

  • Our experts draw on a range of software solutions, which allow you to easily manage your geoscientific data.
  • Software is recommended based on your requirements, so you receive a single point, fully integrated data solution that grows with your venture.
  • Industry leading partnerships including SpringTech and acQuire – world-class data solutions tailored to the mining and resources sector.

And we can perform set-up and training, to ensure your team knows how to access and manage data using software that is best suited to your purposes.

Data Services

  • Geoscientific Information Management
  • Data collection and best practice procedures
  • Validation of geological data and maps
  • Database design, implementation, management and hosting
  • Data auditing, validation and QA of data
  • Production tracking and management tools
  • QC charting and review processes
  • 2D and 3D visualisation outputs
  • Cartography and GIS Drafting
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Mines of the Future
  • Data rooms and company portals
  • Web based applications (apps)
  • Business Intelligence tools.

How we support you

Our team can assist with one element of data capture, or handle end-to-end solutions, including software set-up for single point access and management.

We perform data capture, management, analysis and visualisation, and ensure all data are complete, clean and fit for purpose.

Our job doesn’t end once you receive our deliverables. We communicate what the data show and what this means to your business in an open and engaging way.

Any data we collect belong to you, which is why we offer cutting edge software solutions that enables you full access to your business intelligence.

Our clients typically include mining and resources companies who appreciate the value good data can add to their project. These include:

  • Exploration companies – who want comprehensive data management solutions, end-to-end or targeted to one individual service.
  • Juniors – who seek to add-value to their venture with high quality data backed by integrity and best practice.
  • Intermediates – who require a user-friendly single point solution that grows with their venture, and easy access to data across the production chain.
  • Producing mines – who seek to add value to their venture and leverage opportunities that create tangible improvements in their operation.
  • Resources experts – including mining engineers, geologists, GIS specialists and management teams who want to boost efficiencies.
  • Major mining companies – looking to integrate data from different production sites and identify and transform weaknesses in their operation.
CSA Data services

Why choose us?

Integrated approach

We deliver hands-on, unbiased data solutions that take in the big picture of your operation, so you can tangibly identify where greater efficiencies can be made.

Improved decision making

The data we provide strengthens connection between your corporate team and the field, which means more streamlined decision making that accurately reflects your objectives.

Hands on knowledge

Our team includes geologists, cartographers, GIS and IT specialists, computer scientists, earth and mathematical experts and other data specialists with considerable international experience.


We work efficiently and meticulously to ensure you receive high quality data that transforms your operation in a tangible way. Attention to detail matters and we get the job done, so you get results.


We are unbiased advisors, and take pride in delivering unfettered, independent results. We believe in the power of data, and have seen time and time again, the impact it can have on an operation.


We are a Nova Network Partner for acQuire Technology Solutions in Australia, Canada and the UK. (As a GIM Suite Provider and GIM Keeper.)


Our solutions are wholly tailored to your requirements, whether it’s a single data driven-service or an end-to-end solution. Either way, we problem solve and adapt to ensure you achieve optimal outcomes.

Best practice

We implement best practices on every site we work on and develop efficiencies in all areas of your data management. Our goal is to make your data accessible, understandable and actionable.


We may be data experts, but we know how to communicate findings in language that engages and makes sense to your business. You’ll find our team to be friendly and accessible globally, with people in Australia, UK, South Africa and Canada.

Digital solutions

Optimise performance with intuitive and powerful software that is easy to operate and tailored to your sector. Our digital solutions allow you to effortlessly leverage your business intelligence.

Tap into the CSA Global knowledge base

We have experts available across the whole mining chain. These world class specialists are on hand to ensure every facet of your project is considered.

Get started

Talk to us about developing a data management solution based on integrity, best practice and results that can be tangibly applied to enhance performance in your business.

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