CSA Global delivers exploration services backed by more than 30 experts, and a broader team capable of handling every style of commodity and exploration skill.

Our exploration team partners with junior explorers, international majors and mining companies who want tailored solutions, which add value to all stages of the exploration process.

We are leaders in our industry, with an extensive network of international experts at our fingertips, who share valuable knowledge that advances your project.

This intelligent, integrated approach delivers new insight, which is why the majority of our works is from repeat clients and referrals.

Quality Exploration Services

The consultants in our team are capable of delivering the highest level of technical expertise, no matter what commodity or skill you require. We assist clients worldwide with:

  • Any individual stage of the exploration or evaluation cycle – from project generation to resource replacement.
  • Generative work, such as international first pass exploration area selection and detailed targeting, geochemical, structural and geometallurgical studies.*
  • Exploration geochemistry – detecting abundance, distribution and migration of deposits and vectoring towards mineralisation.
  • Understanding internal zonation potentially import for processing.
  • Structural analysis – defining controls in mineralisation using advanced 2D and 3D analysis methods.
  • Geological expertise, which ensures resource estimations are completed based on deposit relevant geological integrity.
  • Tailored training for your team in geochemistry and structural geology, as well as courses in mineral systems, with a focus on your specific commodity.
  • Complete exploration management services – from planning and supervision to implementation, management and reporting
  • Assessing management and risk on a project, so you can move forward with an effective strategy based on the right data.
  • Complete project auditing solutions, delivered by industry leading experts.
  • Employee mentoring, coaching and training – as well as supplying skilled personnel to fill gaps in your team over the short or long term.

* That define the ore-deposit knowledge input parameters needed in decision to mine studies.

Our team also assists with:

  • Mineral systems targeting and project generation.
  • Integrated geological, geophysical and remote sensing interpretation
  • Geochemistry – traditional plus lithogeochemistry, alteration mapping and geometallurgical.
  • Structural Geology – from simple offsets to polyphase deformation, integrated with geochemistry and geophysics.
  • Mapping and field investigations.
  • Drill program planning and supervision.
  • Exploration strategy, project management and risk evaluation.
  • Expertise to contribute to whole of ore-body knowledge.

Integrated software solutions

  • Our Exploration team uses a number of key platforms, which ensure data is easily accessible and leveraged within your operation.
  • These platforms include Leapfrog, ioGAS, Micromine, Vulcan, Datamine, Surpac and QGIS, as well as other software systems.
  • We operate the system you already use, to integrate seamlessly with your workflow, or we can recommend a solution that matches your needs.

Exploration Services

  • Complete service or one individual phase
  • Project generation
  • Resource replacement
  • Planning and supervision
  • Implementation, management and reporting
  • Exploration strategy
  • Complete project auditing solutions
  • Using advanced 2D and 3D methods
  • Geochemistry and structural geology
  • Courses in mineral systems
  • Focused on your commodity
  • Employee mentoring

How we support you

Our expert consultants deliver a complete exploration management service – from planning, supervision and implementation to management and detailed reporting.

We are also capable of supporting you with a specific service, tailored to your project requirements. For example – we can provide skilled field personnel to fill gaps in your team or coach your employees in a specific exploration skill.

No matter what your exploration requirements are, we have the experience and technical skills to deliver quality results that maximise opportunities at your site.

This tailored support is offered to:

  • Junior companies – looking to establish a trusted partnership to assess opportunities for project acquisition, now and in the future.
  • Mid to major mining companies – seeking to push the technical limits of exploration using mineral systems and an integrated geoscientific approach.
  • Large corporates and Government departments – who want to take advantage of our comprehensive yet highly integrated expertise.

Why choose us?

Integrated approach

Even beyond our expert Exploration team, we have a large pool of industry leading professionals with expertise in different styles of mineralisations, systems, extraction methods and other specialities.


Our technical work is performed at the highest level, which means you receive optimal return on your investment with us, and the information you need to generate results at your mine.

Training Courses

Customised training programs to upskill your people, including courses in geochemistry and structural geology, as well as mineral systems, based on your specific commodity and mineralisation styles.


We link in with experts around the globe, from different geographical locations, who feed into the information gathered at your site. As a result, you receive a holistic understanding of your site’s potential.


Every facet of our exploration service is performed with impeccable attention to detail. We have a strong work ethic and believe in building relationships based on integrity and quality.

Hands-on Experience

Collectively, we have more than 700 years of exploration experience with a dynamic range of resources. We have the practical skills and technical knowledge to deliver results for your project.

Get started

For industry leading exploration services, backed by a dynamic team of geological experts, please get in touch. We work with new and established mining companies in Australia and all over the globe.

How can we help?

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