CSA Global delivers geometallurgical services to clients in the global mining and resources sector.

Our multidisciplinary team has the operational understanding to mitigate metallurgy and production risks by identifying gaps in data and orebody knowledge and providing expert solutions to mitigate associated risk.

All relevant information is harnessed to optimise your mine’s operation, through greater ore control, more efficient and sustainable planning, and maximum product recovery. As a result, you maximise return on investment while minimising risk and ensuring the needs of your stakeholders are realised.

What is geometallurgy?

Geometallurgy integrates expertise from geology, geochemistry, mining, metallurgy, environmental, economic, and other key disciplines, with the goal of increasing orebody knowledge, reducing operational risk, and optimising decision making in mine and plant design, scheduling, and value recovery.

Geometallurgy draws on data from geological and metallurgical sources used to develop a 3D model that accurately captures orebody value and reduces the possibility of unforeseen risk.

Effective geometallurgy requires an integrated team of specialists, with expertise in data science, data analysis, geology, geochemistry, geostatistics, metallurgy, and 3D spatial modelling.

These specialists provide operators with a greater understanding of their deposit, resulting in better ore control, as well as more efficient and sustainable planning – from exploration to operations and through to mine closure.

Our clients

We assist established and emerging mining companies who seek a clearer understanding of the geometallurgy of their deposit – especially those with metallurgically complex resources.

We also support mines with simpler, large deposits, such as porphyries and iron. In these cases, small improvements can significantly improve efficiencies, resulting in greater return on investment.


The data we deliver gives you the confidence to make smarter, more informed decisions regarding your mine. Our geometallurgy service helps you to:

  • Maximise the net present value of your project.
  • Minimise risk of material misclassification, revenueshortfalls, and premature mine closure.
  • Develop innovative and cost-effective practices.
  • Forecast problematic areas in the mine.
  • Develop mineral processing strategies.
  • Plan representative sampling for metallurgical and environmental testwork.
  • Improve the sustainability of mining and processingpractices.
  • Consider the environmental, social, and governance considerations.
  • Satisfy investors and stakeholders with accurate information.
The NEW BLOCK Model: Total Value

A geometallurgical model is only as good as the data it is built on.

How it works

Why choose us?

Integrated approach

Our multi-disciplinary team has the technical knowledge and operational skills to deliver the orebody knowledge you require.


We have honed our processes over the past 35 years, staying up to date with advanced modelling, data science, analysis, metallurgy and other key disciplines.


Our objective is to understand your operational requirements, then develop a solution that matches them, so the knowledge we deliver maximises return on your investment.

Results oriented

We deliver results that enable you to make smarter, more informed decisions about your mine, leading to lower risks, more efficient processes and greater project value.


Our experts take the time to fill any prospective gaps in drillhole and processing data, so the information you rely on is as accurate as possible.

Get started

For more information on how we can support your mine, please contact us. Our geometallurgy experts work with operations across all commodities, in Australia and overseas.

How can we help?

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