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Mining Geology

CSA Global’s Mining Geology team delivers specialist support to mining and exploration companies seeking grade and recovery enhancements.

We work with small, medium and large-scale companies and mining start-ups all over the world, who want pragmatic and proven solutions that improve head grade and reduce ore loss.

Our specialists are backed by significant operational and development experience, both in Australia and overseas, with a focus on delivering solutions that add-value to your operation.

The Mining Geologists in our team are well respected in the industry and focus on providing practical advice that can be easily implemented for streamlined performance.

We take pride in being friendly and approachable people, backed by years of industry expertise, dedicated to achieving tangible results for your project.

Complete Mining Geology solutions

Our comprehensive mining geology services add value to your project through the grade control and reconciliation process. This occurs via:

  • Collecting and assessing geological data to give the best interpretation of mineralisation.
  • Analysing samples and QAQC protocols to ensure optimal quality and appropriate methods are established.
  • Drawing on trustworthy and reliable data to make decisions that are correct and evidence-based.
  • Maximising value in the orebody using best fit grade control practices that result in dilution minimisation and ore loss control.
  • Engaging in reconciliation analysis to identify issues that indicate sub-optimal processes, which lead to wasted time and cost.

Our team assists with:

  • Implementing production geology mapping systems, and processes to interpret and use this information.
  • Optimising drill spacing to enhance cost and risk trade-off.
  • Reviewing mine reconciliation data and developing templates and systems.
  • Using our GAP analysis tool to identify areas for improvement.
  • Visiting mine sites around the world to assess and implement strategies.
  • Delivering training for open pit and underground geologists.
  • Assisting with drilling programs and strategies to define resource extensions.
  • Automating grade control estimations.
  • Covering staff shortages that may be impacting your site.
  • Providing medium and long-term mentoring for your mine site team.

Practical Head Grade Solutions

  • CSA delivers proven and pragmatic solutions that achieve significant grade and recovery improvements at your site.
  • Our specialists develop grade control processes, implement reconciliation systems and advise on every facet of mine production and pre-production.
  • We assist you with setting up your site, including training personnel in effective mining geology techniques.
  • These techniques include mapping and modelling, conducting drilling optimisation studies, resource definition and extension programs.
  • Our Mining Geologists have specialist knowledge of many deposit styles and commodities, and the skills to share this information effectively.

We work alongside your operations personnel to ensure they have a clear understanding of processes and techniques.

Mining Geology Services

  • Maximise value.
  • Dilution minimisation.
  • Ore loss control.
  • Developing templates and systems.
  • Reviewing and identifying causes of poor reconciliation.
  • Determining how to fix these causes.
  • How best to sample the orebody.
  • QAQC protocols.
  • Ensuring optimal quality and methods.
  • Trade-off studies to ensure the drilling pattern is the best balance of data density versus cost.
  • Develop and implement practical systems to estimate grade control models.
  • How to get the best from the cheapest form of grade control data.
  • Implementation and training.
  • Processes for interpreting and using systems.
  • To assess and implement strategies to get the best from the orebody.
  • GAP analysis tools that clearly compare site practices with generally accepted good practice.
  • For open pit or underground geologists.
  • Mentoring for your mine site team.
  • Long or short term.

How we support you

Our team draws on more than 100 years of collective experience in mining geology to reduce ore loss and waste dilution within your operation.

We take into account the cost and risk to your project, so you maximise return on your investment, while achieving optimal results.

This trade-off is considered on all fronts, from optimising drill space to preparing templates and systems based on mine reconciliation data and other important information.

Our clients range from mine start-ups to established companies in the resources sector, within Australia and worldwide. This includes:

  • New mines starting operations – who want to establish an effective system suitable for the mining method involved and the style of mineralisation.
  • Existing mines – seeking to optimise their existing practices or review their systems to confirm they are as effective as possible.
  • Mines in administration – when an administrator wants to keep the mine running and repair issues to realise the best sale price.
  • Small and large companies – looking to troubleshoot production reconciliation issues.
CSA Mining Geology services

Why choose us?

Proven track record

Our Mining Geology team is well regarded in the industry, with years of domestic and international experience, as well as technical skills and real production experience in the resources sector.

Real world solutions

Our approach is centred on delivering pragmatic advice and solutions, which are tried and proven. We focus on adding value to your project, by accounting for cost, time and achievable results.

No unnecessary jargon

We explain strategies and deliver training using language that is easy to understand. This applies to our methods too, which are effective and straightforward to implement.

Down to earth

Our people are friendly and approachable, which is how we build long term relationships with clients onsite, who are happy to implement the solutions we advise.

Improve performance

We specialise in identifying issues with workflow and practices, which means our team can potentially reduce work at your site and streamline efficiencies.

Adding value

Every mining geology solution we deliver is considered within the context of value. Does our advice add value to your operation? Will the strategies we implement add value too? These questions matter to us.

Get started

For more information on our mining geology services, please get in touch. Our specialist will review the ambit of your requirements and deliver a custom solution that boosts efficiencies at your site.

How can we help?

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