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Hydrology & Hydrogeology

We deliver mine water management services to established and new mine sites all over the globe. Our team has a great depth of experience, working on sites in Australia, Africa, Europe, Russia and other locations around the world.

CSA Global doesn’t believe in offering a ‘standard’ service, because every site faces its own specific set of challenges. This is why our team of hydrogeologists, hydrologists and engineers tailors a solution based on the key issues facing your mine site.

We draw on decades of mining, hydrogeology, hydrology and geotechnical expertise to develop efficient and practical solutions for your mine’s water management.

Complete mine water management

We handle all elements of your mine water management – from collecting initial pre-mining baseline data to ensuring regulatory compliance for both surface water and groundwater aspects.

Our team also assists with:

  • Sourcing and supervising suitable contractors, who perform drilling, test pumping, water treatment and specialised monitoring services.
  • Demonstrating that a sustainable water supply exists for the life of the mine, and that dewatering is manageable.
  • Performing research and checks to ensure you have an effective, efficient and fully operations mine water management system.
  • Working efficiently to ensure milestones and budgets are met.
  • For more detail on the entire process, please talk to us.

Practical solutions

  • Our experts can assist you with specific elements of your mine water management.
  • This includes PEAs, scoping studies, EIAs, feasibility studies, permitting, preliminary project options, mine development, mine closure and other requirements.
  • Every project is managed to the appropriate level of detail and certainty that matches where your project is at in its cycle.
  • All aspects of your site wide water management are assessed, including dewatering, surface water management, site discharges and water supply dams.
  • We also review the TSF pond and seepage to ensure optimal integrated water management across your mine site.
  • We fill any gap in your mine water management services, and we deliver efficient solutions that are cost effective.

Mine Water Services

  • Mine water balance studies
  • Water management plans
  • Managed aquifer recharge
  • Excess water disposal
  • Pollution and sediment control
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Hydrogeological investigations
  • Water source options assessments
  • Cost/ reliability ranking studies
  • Borefield development
  • Hydrological impact assessment
  • Licensing and permitting
  • Water systems engineering
  • Storage design and operation
  • Bore design optimisation
  • Construction supervision
  • Energy optimised pumping systems
  • Mine inflow risk assessments
  • Dewatering system design
  • Hydro-geotechnical studies
  • Pit wall/ floor drainage design
  • Environmental management
  • Water compliance reporting
  • Mine closure planning support
  • 2D and 3D numerical models
  • Integrated catchment models
  • Flow and solute transport
  • Dewatering models
  • Pit wall depressurisation models
  • Catchment studies
  • Flood risk assessments
  • Flood control design
  • Water harvesting

How we support you

Our specialist team has the capabilities to assist any open cut or underground mine with solving its surface water or groundwater issues.

We work in a wide range of climatic and hydrogeological environments – from extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) to arid deserts and tropical rainforests.

Of course, every project faces its own unique set of challenges, which is why we tailor a solution to overcome the specific issues at your site.

No project is too complex or simple for our team. However, to give you an idea of our capabilities, here are some of the challenges we overcome for our clients.

  • Operational mines – looking to save money, improve efficiencies, become more sustainable, meet due diligence requirements or plan for mine closure.
  • New mines – who require an expert consultant capable of assisting with water supply, dewatering and surface water management.
  • Finance companies – who need reviews or reporting to meet due diligence requirements.
  • ECPM companies – seeking to secure a competent consultant to fill gaps in their existing mine water service offerings.
  • Government agencies – who require an expert consultant for transparent reporting, or any other facet of their water management needs.
Water Diversion in Ghana

Why choose us?

Integrated approach

We don’t waste your time or money. Our team proactively links in with other studies (where possible), and we develop solutions that are effective and practical, while still meeting your needs.


Where possible, we like to review a client’s mine water management in the early stages of set up, to reduce overall project timelines and costs. Overall, we’re very efficient in all facets of what we do.


We have international water experts on our team who have a great depth of international mine water management experience. And we have the capabilities to solve every facet of your mine’s water issues.


We can assist you with one aspect of your project, or handle the entire process from start to finish. And, we have an excellent track record with compliance.


If you have specific OH&S requirements, or any other regulations at your site, we ensure our team is compliant. We have worked on sites all over the world, and understand the importance of this.


We deliver the right level of detail, so you understand what work has been done, and what needs to happen moving forward. We’re clear communicators, and don’t confuse you with unnecessary jargon.

How can we help?

Contact us to discuss how we can help your organisation.