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    Published on January 9th, 2017

    FOUNDED in Dublin in 1984, CSA Global is a privately owned consulting company specialising in the provision of mining, geological and technological services across the mining, infrastructure and financial industries.

    CSA Global has more than 30 years international experience in most mineral commodities, forging itself as one the key leaders in the mining and geology consulting space.

    Recently, the existing data management team opened its doors to a team of IT specialists to impart a more robust service offering that allowed them to leverage knowledge of IT management, storage and data security.

    The collaborative efforts of CSA Global’s technology service offering are delivering value to a range of clients from all parts of the exploration and mining cycle across the globe; including exploration companies in Australia, Asia, and Americas, as well as companies developing new mines in Latin America and West Africa.

    The team is currently delivering operational support roles to mining companies in China, Africa and Europe and has been providing expert advice on system selection, implementation and support in the areas of production reporting, grade control, exploration databases, corporate data rooms, as well as managed IT services.

    The team offers a highly skilled and dedicated workforce to deliver cost-effective data management and IT solutions to its clients, based on its experience and expertise in a range of commodities.

    CSA Global defines data as one of the most valuable assets in a company’s possession, and understanding how to manage, manipulate and extract key data insights are crucial to the successful development of a viable mine site.

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    DATE: JANUARY 9, 2017

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