• August 10, 2021

Article on Stream Sediment Datasets and Geophysical Anomalies published by Geosciences

Published on August 10th, 2021

CSA Global congratulates author, Nathan Mosusu (Mineral Resources Authority), and co-authors, Angela Bokuik (Mineral Resources Authority), Michael Petterson (Auckland University of Technology), and Dr Robert Holm (CSA Global and James Cook University) on their recently published paper: ‘Stream Sediment Datasets and Geophysical Anomalies: A Recipe for Porphyry Copper Systems Identification—The Eastern Papuan Peninsula Experience’ published in Geosciences on 20 July 2021.


Abstract: Airborne magnetic and radiometric datasets have, over the past few years, become powerful tools in the identification of porphyry systems which may host economic porphyry copper–gold–molybdenum ore bodies. Magnetisation contrasts with the unaltered host rocks, coupled with the elevated radiometric signature, compared to the host rock, makes identification of large-scale porphyry copper systems possible. Integrating these two different datasets with stream sediment data and other geochemical exploration methods results in a higher degree of confidence. Stream sediment data were analysed to see the distribution of copper and gold elements throughout the study area, located within the Eastern Papuan Peninsula of Papua New Guinea. Airborne geophysics data over the same area were also processed for magnetic and radiometric responses. The processing of the
magnetic data revealed several magnetic anomalies related to concealed intrusive rock units, with associated radiometric signatures. The distribution of gold and copper anomalism was correlated with the geology and geophysical signatures. Results indicate varying degrees of correlation, with some areas showing a strong correlation between gold/copper occurrence and geophysical signatures, compared to other areas. Some factors that we believe impact the level of correlation may include tectonic history, volcanic cover, and weathering patterns. We recommend caution when applying multi-data exploration for porphyry copper systems.

Download article: Stream Sediment Datasets and Geophysical Anomalies: A Recipe for Porphyry Copper Systems Identification—The Eastern Papuan Peninsula Experience 

Figure 1: Locations of known porphyry copper deposits

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