• April 1, 2016

Why Mining matters

Published on April 1st, 2016

CSA Global‘s mining geologists regularly provide support with English classes at the Sanhao school of Hope near the Caijiaying Mine in the Hebei Province, China where they regularly work onsite for CSA Global’s client, Griffin Mining.  Sanhao is the nearest town to the Caijiaying Mine, around 3kms away. The Sanhao school is a junior school, where many of the children board at the school during the week and go home on the weekend. The children’s parents live and work on the farms in the district.

The students are aged up to 12 years old. CSA Global’s staff help with a conversational English class, using the hand puppets as props. They learn about the English animal names, where they live and what sort of food they eat. The puppets were kindly donated by John XXIII school in Mt Claremont, Perth. CSA Global and Griffin Mining have donated many new and used reading books for the school’s English classes.


Group shot Steve and school

Sanhao School of Hope students, the school principal Mr Zhao and their teacher Ms Du. The guys in orange are Li Shikao (Administration Manager for Hua Ao), Mark Hine (COO for Griffin Mining), Nigel Wilson and Steve Rose (CSA Global).


Steve and the cow at School

Mining Geologists, Steve Rose and Nigel Wilson providing conversational english classes at the Sanhao School of Hope


School kids and puppets

Students from the Sanhoa School of Hope with the puppets donated by John XXIII school in Perth.

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